To know that we know what we know, and to know that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.

The future states that there is no time other than the collapsation, of that sensation, in the mirror of the memories in which we are living.

So it’s within our self-interest to understand the topography of our lives unto ourselves.

Now with the allocation and the understanding of the lack of understanding, we enter into a new era in which we feel nothing more than to say that those within themselves, comporary or non-comporary, will figuratively figure into the folding of our non-understanding and/or our partial understanding of the realms from which we all draw our source and conclusions from.

So, feel not as though it is a sphere we live on, rather an infinite plane which has the illusion of leading yourself back to the point of origin.

Once we understand that all the spheres in the sky are just large infinite planes...


Dennis has an abiding obsession with that archaic, taboo realm where the conventional distinctions on which our very sanity depends;– human and beast, normal and freak, torturer and victim, self and other, sacred and obscene, eternity and infinity. These interests result in works fusing cosmology, dynamics, self investigation, psychosis, the universes headlong spin, the brimming cup of oblivion, the mysteries of Isis, fate, destiny, chance ,luck, nihilism, cynicism, sarcasm, and orgasm.

 Dennis' objective is to conjure lush, cryptic paintings that represent a mystical, spiritually potent realm.

 Taking inspiration from time-honoured shamanistic practices that talk almost routinely of traveling OUTSIDE your body to distant locations where you encounter and learn from high-level spiritual teachers and deities.

 If the viewer will contemplate these images, that is to say go beyond their surface, he should often perceive that they correspond to another timeless dimension which we all may find deep within ourselves.

While thought processes are launching pads for its flight, it’s not to be understood so much as experienced.

Language beyond thought, brought from beyond the telescope of absolute understanding and placed under the microscope of relative knowledge.

In art, as in nature, all vitality of growth is maintained through the continued renewal of mystery, its revelation is a creative act. The visionary begins where intellect and language cease, and art, as our greatest inspiration toward spiritual unity – is our most necessary mystery. 

Beneath our skins we are nothing but bone, blood and corruptible matter. But if we keep digging further, there is hope – even the faith – that we will discover something infinitely greater: The redemptive powers of the soul.

I hope to see you again yesterday.